Compress 1GB to 10MB With This Wonder Tool

Posted by Thilak

Couldn't copy Crysis 3 into your pen-drive from your friends house or did it take long time to upload a file?Don't worry we have a solution for all your problems adn the solution is called as - "KGB Archiver".This is an open source tool like Winrar and AlZip.But this KGB Archiver gives the best compression results.It can compress 3.50 GB into 30-40 MB.So this the best compression tool which ever existed and it also promises no loss of data and is safe to use.But it consumes a lot of time because of its high compression methods.

Download KCB Archiver- 

Advantages Of KGB Archiver In Compression Of Files-

*High Compression Makes it easy to upload.
*Its free for use and doesn't require any 3rd party app to run.
*No loss of Data makes it a safe way of compression.
* Trust-able and reliable.
*User Friendly interface.

Disadvantages Of KGB Archiver-

*Takes a lot of time to compress.
*Takes a lot of time to decompress.