Swagbucks - Earn Gift Cards

Posted by Thilak


Swagbucks, The best earning spot for Internet geeks. Everyone wants to make cash either way, well I give you the easiest way to "Earn MONEY". Swagbucks is one of the best rewarding websites. In My Opinion its actually the "BEST" .Swagbucks in other words is A search engine unlike Google, yahoo and bing, Swagbucks rewards you for using their Search Engine. Everyone thinks that cash via Internet is hard. To be honest I don't know how many people out there and think its hard. I give them a big NO. Swagbucks lets you earn money with ease. You can not only earn money and gift cards, they even reward Electronic devices like iPhone,Laptops and many more. Unlike many rewarding websites swagbucks is Worldwide.


Why Swagbucks ?

Well, it depends on the way you see it. If you are in need of some real hard cash, I recommend you to start using swagbucks. There are many reason why swagbucks is better.

  • Variety of rewards
  • Less time consumption
  • Don't ask any personal information
  • Its worldwide
  • Most of all, Its Very EASY 

How to earn Swagbucks ?

I hope many of you are have a major problem on how to earn swagbucks. Well, its pretty easier than you guys think. I'll show you how to earn swagbucks.

  1.  Search the web
This is one the best way to earn "Fast Swagbucks". You can win doubles per day, sometimes even three times. But the main thing is that every search will not result in a reward, it depends.
You can learn more about earning swagbucks here - Search the web.

      2. Watching Videos

Watching Videos 10 videos to earn 3 swagbucks, I know its really hard.There are other sponsors. They give you more swagbucks.

There are other videos watching activities such as the "laptop Guy" and Encrave activities and many more.

Once You reach 100% you'll be rewarded with 3 swagbucks.

  3. Paid And Daily Surveys

    Surveys are the bet way to get TONS of swagbucks. You can get 60 swagbucks for Daily Survey. There are few limitations to Daily Surveys I'll add up that in the last. Paid Surveys, Each paid survey can give you 100+ swagbucks. But the main problem with surveys is that you may not qualify all the time. I was disqualified many times, its because the survey sponsors are looking for a particular information/feedback or you may be giving irrelevant answers to them. There are many reasons why you may be disqualified.

  • Sign up for 2x Surveys, I Earn Most of my swagbucks from there.
  • Complete Your survey profile you'll get 32 swabucks for that.
  • Do your daily survey regularly.
  • Check out other surveys sponsor like TrialPay , PenutLabs and many more.

4. Shop N Earn

When you do shopping via Swagbucks you get rewarded for the amount you spend. For Example 1$ = 5SB, If you've spent 10$ = 10*6 = 60SB. That's how it works.

5. Daily Polls

 Another "Fast Swagbucks" you can earn 1 swagbucks for choosing the answer. You can also send them your Poll idea, they can hook you up with 500SB(5$)

6. Games

Swagbucks have variety for games, gave can give you 10SB per day for free. There are tournaments, bets for 1st , 2nd and 3rd Prize. Win more swagbucks.

7. Random Winner

Each Hour Someone Wins 1000SB (10$) , You can learn about hourly winner here - http://blog.swagbucks.com/2013/05/welcome-back-the-hourly-random-winner.html

8. Swagcodes and Toolbar

The Swag Codes™ program hides messages or specific strings of text throughout Swagbucks.com, which can then be found by its members to redeem for Swag Buck rewards

Toolbar helps you to use swagbucks more easily, you search the web and win swagbucks and it also show the active swagbucks code.

Limitations Of Swagbucks.

  • Miss-use of swagbucks leads to deactivation.
  • Doing multiple Daily surveys leads to deactivation.
  • Using Proxy Leads to deactivation.
  • Limited offer for counties except US and UK.  
  • Using Hacks and glitch leads to deactivation

So I Have Listed Almost All The Things You Need To Know. But There is more, all you got to do is sign up and start EARNING !!!

Regards ~ Thilak

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Check The Latest Leaks of Phones!

Here Are Some Amazing Leaked Images and Information of latest phones which aren't offcially annouced or released yet! Click on the title to know more!

Lootpalace - Earn Gift Cards

Posted by Thilak


Lootpalce, You can earn free gift cards via this websites. You can convert your points to earn gift cards and other rewards. You have many ways to earn rewards, (Surveys , Games, Searching the web...etc). Unlike other websites, Lootpalace have rewards at low points
Eg - 15$ = 1500 Points , But whereas in LootPalce 15$ = 1200 Plunder Points .

Why Lootpalace ?

I've Been Using Swagbucks, Mypoints ,P2P , InstaGC.....etc. As Far I've Used LootPalce is the best, Low Cost, Serval Ways to earn points, More and better surveys. Regular Contests and giveaways. They deliver your order within the time period of 1 week. Unlike other websites, Lootpalace is worldwide, Swagbucks, Gifthulk and InstaGC give more offers to U.S members, whereas Lootpalace has equal offers for everyone. Unlike other websites Lootpalace Don't ask your personal details.

More Tips On Earning Points On Lootpalce - Lootpalace Tips

Ways to earn Plunder Points 

  • Taking Surveys 
        Surveys are the easiest ways to earn Plunder Points, as you can see in every free rewarding websites, surveys are kinda a "MUST" . You may not qualify all the times. You can earn more Plunder Points via completing surveys.Try TrialPay, they have more survey options.

  • Watch Videos
   You Can Earn More Plunder Points via Watching videos, In fact this way of earning is the best. You can learn many thing via the videos they provide.

  •  Completing Tasks
There are several offers and yes, they are totally free. Like Download or Sign in a website you get rewarded with points.

  •  Play games and listen to music.
To get points quickly the best way is to play games and listen to music. They can easily get you 100+ plunder points per day. They have monthly contest, where to can hit Jackpot and get pile of plunder points. If you hear a music for 10mins you get 10 points. I know its very hard but you just got to do it.

  • Searching the web.

Another way to get fast points, "Search the web" Every search may not result is reward. It depends. You have search upto 20 times a day. You can win 10 times per day

So What are you waiting for Start earning NOW !!!!!


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GiftHulk - The Best Earning Spot

Posted by Thilak
So Hello Guys

We Geeksgrave Are Making A Review On The Website "GIFTHULK"

So,You Guys You Guys May Wonder Why We Call This "GIFTHULK" As The best Earning Spot
Well Here's Your Answer GiftHulk Is A Online Rewarding System, It Was Lunched On May,2011
Its Is Actually Similar To P2S[Points2Shop] And Sawgbuck Etc....

But The Main Disadvantage Of Gift Hulk Is It Doesn't Grant Access To Some Countries Like India And Pakistan Etc......

But Some People Using Proxy With Use GiftHulk

You Can get A Variety Of Rewards

For Example My Favorite Is Facebook Gift Card $5
They Give Gift Card Like Paypal $10 Cash
Walmart Card Etc...

All You Need Is

Hulk Coins Are Considered As The Currency Unit For Gift Hulk

How To Earn Hulk Coins ?

Its Way Too Easy To Earn HC 
You Have Many Options

Like They Got Survey, Watch And Earn, EZ Coins, GiftHulk TV And Tasks
And They Got Refferal Program

Invite Code - 

And To Cheer Up Your Mind They Have Guess The Card

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Over 300 million Smart phones Shipped in Q1 2013

Posted by karn jain
Shipments of Smart Devices this year has been counted to be 308.7 Million units.This record has been counted by latest reports by canalys. And This record has a growth of 37.4% as compared to Q1 2012.

in the smartphone sector,Android controls some 75.6% of the market,, with Samsung being the major contributor to that cause and growing by some 64.3% every year.Apple had its lowest year growth since the release of the original iPhone in 2007 just 6.7%. Canalys attributes this to the now-dated software of the iPhone, which is badly in need of a refresh its products.Samsung and android are ruling on the worldwide smart device market.

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How to add Meta Tags to Blogger Blogs

Posted by Rajat Garg

Hello Friends this is my First post at geek's Grave.So let me introduce myself first.I am +Rajat Garg the C.E.O. & Founder of My Premium Lab.So now coming back to the topic today i am going to tell you that how you can add meta tags to your blogger blog.Meta tags have their own importance to decide your rankings in SERP and that probably is the reason why you should add meta tags in your blogger blog.If you want true sucsess in your blog then you should add meta tags in your blogger blog.Now you may be thinking what is the importance and the profit to you if you add meta tags in your blogger blog.So let me describe a bit more deeply.If you add meta tags in your blogger blog then it will help search engines to find and categorize your blog daily and easily.So today in this post i am going to show you that how you can add meta tags in your blogger blog.

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What Are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are the tags that describes the content of a web page for e.g. your blog posts.Meta tags will not be displayed to your visitors else it will only be parsable by the search engines.

Why Blogger Need to Add Meta Tags?

Usually Blogger Add meta tags in their blog to specify the description,keywords,authors,last modified and other meta data from their blog.The tags are always inside the elements.This data can be used by browsers to get known to how to display content,search engines uses keywords and descriptions.Google has recently in past skipped keywords meta tags for their search engine rankings.

How to Add Meta Tags to Blogger?

  • First of all Go to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Now look For <head>.
  • Now paste the below code <head>.
<!– Meta Tags ~ www.mypremiumlab.com  –><meta name="description" content=" Your Blog Description here! – Geeks Grave is a All-In-One Blog" /><meta name="keywords" content="Your Keywords here! Blogging Tricks,Widgets,SEO,Tutorils and guides,lifestyle" /> <meta name="Author" content="Author Name here!" /><meta name="Email" content="Author Email Address here!" /><meta name="distribution" content="global" /><meta name="revisit" content="5 days" /><meta name="revisit-after" content="5 days" /><meta name="resource-type" content="document" /><meta name="audience" content="all" /><meta name="rating" content="general" /><meta name="robots" content="all" /><meta name="robots" content="index, follow" /><meta name="language" content="en" /><meta name="country" content="IN" /><meta name="generator" content="blogger" /><!– /Meta Tags ~ www.geeksgrave.blogspot.in –> 
  • Now replace all the Red Lines with your own data. 
  • After Replacing All the lines with your own data just save your template.
  • That's it friends now you have added the meta tags in your blogger blog.
I have Described everything in the above tutorial about meta tags.Adding meta tags in your blogger blog is very easy and you just need to paste the above codings to get things working good for you.
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Nokia Asha 501 Goes Official And Brings In MeeGo Back

Posted by karn jain

Stephen Elop has just introduced a new model of Nokia Asha phone series. Its named as Nokia Asha 501.The design of this phone is not like the old Asha phones,This models design is inspired by Nokia Lumia series,This phone is more Smarter than all Asha phone.Its new interface focuses on swipe events and also has a new feature called ''Fastlane''.

The Nokia Asha 501 is made of only 2 parts to make the phone more durable and cheaper to manufacture.It has 4 GB of internal memory(up to 32GB expandable). One more interesting thing about this phone is that it supports Multitouch. It has 3.2 MP fixed focus camera .This new Asha 501 works on MeeGo OS.and this phone features 2 home screens,one is Fastlane and other is app drawer.

The New Asha 501 features WiFi connectivity for faster local data transfers.This phone promises you for a better future.The new Asha 501 will start shipping in June in 90 countries and with 60 operators.It will cost $99 excluding taxes and can  be considered worthy because of its new features.We predict it to support Android as Nokia N9 was modded to run android which used the same MeeGo OS.                   
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Compress 1GB to 10MB With This Wonder Tool

Posted by Thilak

Couldn't copy Crysis 3 into your pen-drive from your friends house or did it take long time to upload a file?Don't worry we have a solution for all your problems adn the solution is called as - "KGB Archiver".This is an open source tool like Winrar and AlZip.But this KGB Archiver gives the best compression results.It can compress 3.50 GB into 30-40 MB.So this the best compression tool which ever existed and it also promises no loss of data and is safe to use.But it consumes a lot of time because of its high compression methods.

Download KCB Archiver- 

Advantages Of KGB Archiver In Compression Of Files-

*High Compression Makes it easy to upload.
*Its free for use and doesn't require any 3rd party app to run.
*No loss of Data makes it a safe way of compression.
* Trust-able and reliable.
*User Friendly interface.

Disadvantages Of KGB Archiver-

*Takes a lot of time to compress.
*Takes a lot of time to decompress.

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Do It Yourself- Find out who visited your Facebook Account (100% Working)

Posted by Thilak

Everyone has the curiosity to know who is visiting their profile.Like a boy is curios to know whether his girl friend visits his profile.So I(Thilak) have a solution for this.With a new trick you can know who visited you Facebook account and also you can know who visits your profile most of the time.This trick is really easy,100% working and it also doesn't need any 3rd party software or app.Using Google Chrome is recommended.

Check Out The New Trick here- Facebook most visited friends

How To Find Who Visited Your Facebook Timeline-

 Go to Your Facebook Timeline.

☑ Right click on your Account and select 'View Page Source' or you can simply use a quick shortcut- Ctrl+U.

☑ Now hit Ctrl+F to use the find feature and quickly search for "InitialChatFriendsList" (Note For Nerds-No quotes).

☑ You will see a set/list of profile ID's within quotes. These are the profile ID's of your friends who visit your profile most of the time.

☑ The first person on the list is the person who visits your account for maximum number of times whereas the last person is the person who visits the minimum number of times.

☑ Copy the Any one of the Facebook ID shown in the set of ID's and paste it after faceook.com with a "slash" (/) and hit enter.For example- If the ID is- xyzxyzyxzxyz then you need to type facebook.com/xyzxyzyxzxyz in your address bar and hit enter.

☑ Enjoy!

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Wearable Technology For Cops By Taser,Just Like Google Glass!

Posted by Hari charan

Google Glass is a revolutionary product which will change the lifestyle of normal people,But what about Special agents like cops?There is a special product for them.The Taser Axon Flex which is specially made for cops is of that kind.Taser is an international company which makes protective gears for Defence forces and also for personal saftey.CEO of Taser,Rick Smith tells that this gadget is light and durable and he also included that they took help of many officers to make this gadget.

This is actually not a glass its a camera which is very light and which can be mounted anywhere,According to me i feel that glasses are the best place to mount it.The video shows that a person can select mounting option like glasses and choler.This is already up for sale and its heading to change the normal cops into future cops.

This is based on a cloud system,It records video and uploads it into Evidence.com where the officer can login and decide whether to download or share it among others.This gadget is an epic product just like the Taser's other products.

Note For Nerds-Cops Means Police !

Take a look at the Taser's Axon Flex Promo Video-

A Glass for Cops would really be helpful for many purposes.As shown in the video,it can be used against false claims against a person and also to take footages of the culprit or the convict.
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Tony Stark Uses Alcatel One Touch Idol in Iron Man 3

Posted by Hari charan

Advertising Smartphones in movies is common and in the Iron Man 3 the rich bad boy Tony Stark is see using Alcatel One Touch Idol Smartphone.It is used in many places and users have been uploading exclusive trailers featuring this Smartphone.In This Movie Tony uses a Silver Colour Alcatel One Touch Idol.Its almost featured for 10 times or more than that.If you also want to take a look at it,You can watch the trailer below which is uploaded by the alcatelonetouchusa channel in YouTube which features the phone.

The Description Said-
Exclusive Iron Man 3 trailer created by Marvel for partner ALCATEL ONE TOUCH, the exclusive mobile phone partner and one of the fastest growing of the world's top ten mobile phone manufacturers.

Watch And Enjoy-

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