About Us

About Geek's Grave

Geek's Grave is an all in one blog founded by Hari Charan.This blog covers a wide range of topics like blogging, tech news, automobile reviews,lifestyle,graphic tutorials,computer tutorials,etc.In other words its an all in one blog helping people to make things simple and providing tips to break down tougher things in to simple ones.

Our Motto

our motto is to do our best to make things simpler for you.We try our best to break down complex tutorials into simple ones and also provide the latest new in simple words so that everyone can understand it.We have the confidence that we can achieve our motto with your support!

Why Did I Start This Blog?

It all began when Hari Charan started blogging in 2011,I made many blogs and learned to make money online easily, but i dint have any interest in earning money.So i learned many new things about blogging,got many inspirations from many places and i was forced to create a blog "For the People" and i finally made it!It was firstly named as "The Tech Stars" and it was made just for my purpose, then i turned it into Geek's Grave which got popular day by day.It got harder to manage my blog so i started adding some of my friends to my blog to post and it turned out to be a brand.Then it grew up and it turned in to the "Geek's Grave" what you see today!

About The Author

Hari Charan is a student pursuing his 10th Grade while he is the founder of Le Geeks and Geek's Grave.He is a gadget freak and a blogger who writes for his customers satisfaction.