Wearable Technology For Cops By Taser,Just Like Google Glass!

Posted by Hari charan

Google Glass is a revolutionary product which will change the lifestyle of normal people,But what about Special agents like cops?There is a special product for them.The Taser Axon Flex which is specially made for cops is of that kind.Taser is an international company which makes protective gears for Defence forces and also for personal saftey.CEO of Taser,Rick Smith tells that this gadget is light and durable and he also included that they took help of many officers to make this gadget.

This is actually not a glass its a camera which is very light and which can be mounted anywhere,According to me i feel that glasses are the best place to mount it.The video shows that a person can select mounting option like glasses and choler.This is already up for sale and its heading to change the normal cops into future cops.

This is based on a cloud system,It records video and uploads it into Evidence.com where the officer can login and decide whether to download or share it among others.This gadget is an epic product just like the Taser's other products.

Note For Nerds-Cops Means Police !

Take a look at the Taser's Axon Flex Promo Video-

A Glass for Cops would really be helpful for many purposes.As shown in the video,it can be used against false claims against a person and also to take footages of the culprit or the convict.