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Posted by Thilak


Lootpalce, You can earn free gift cards via this websites. You can convert your points to earn gift cards and other rewards. You have many ways to earn rewards, (Surveys , Games, Searching the web...etc). Unlike other websites, Lootpalace have rewards at low points
Eg - 15$ = 1500 Points , But whereas in LootPalce 15$ = 1200 Plunder Points .

Why Lootpalace ?

I've Been Using Swagbucks, Mypoints ,P2P , InstaGC.....etc. As Far I've Used LootPalce is the best, Low Cost, Serval Ways to earn points, More and better surveys. Regular Contests and giveaways. They deliver your order within the time period of 1 week. Unlike other websites, Lootpalace is worldwide, Swagbucks, Gifthulk and InstaGC give more offers to U.S members, whereas Lootpalace has equal offers for everyone. Unlike other websites Lootpalace Don't ask your personal details.

More Tips On Earning Points On Lootpalce - Lootpalace Tips

Ways to earn Plunder Points 

  • Taking Surveys 
        Surveys are the easiest ways to earn Plunder Points, as you can see in every free rewarding websites, surveys are kinda a "MUST" . You may not qualify all the times. You can earn more Plunder Points via completing surveys.Try TrialPay, they have more survey options.

  • Watch Videos
   You Can Earn More Plunder Points via Watching videos, In fact this way of earning is the best. You can learn many thing via the videos they provide.

  •  Completing Tasks
There are several offers and yes, they are totally free. Like Download or Sign in a website you get rewarded with points.

  •  Play games and listen to music.
To get points quickly the best way is to play games and listen to music. They can easily get you 100+ plunder points per day. They have monthly contest, where to can hit Jackpot and get pile of plunder points. If you hear a music for 10mins you get 10 points. I know its very hard but you just got to do it.

  • Searching the web.

Another way to get fast points, "Search the web" Every search may not result is reward. It depends. You have search upto 20 times a day. You can win 10 times per day

So What are you waiting for Start earning NOW !!!!!