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Posted by Thilak


Swagbucks, The best earning spot for Internet geeks. Everyone wants to make cash either way, well I give you the easiest way to "Earn MONEY". Swagbucks is one of the best rewarding websites. In My Opinion its actually the "BEST" .Swagbucks in other words is A search engine unlike Google, yahoo and bing, Swagbucks rewards you for using their Search Engine. Everyone thinks that cash via Internet is hard. To be honest I don't know how many people out there and think its hard. I give them a big NO. Swagbucks lets you earn money with ease. You can not only earn money and gift cards, they even reward Electronic devices like iPhone,Laptops and many more. Unlike many rewarding websites swagbucks is Worldwide.


Why Swagbucks ?

Well, it depends on the way you see it. If you are in need of some real hard cash, I recommend you to start using swagbucks. There are many reason why swagbucks is better.

  • Variety of rewards
  • Less time consumption
  • Don't ask any personal information
  • Its worldwide
  • Most of all, Its Very EASY 

How to earn Swagbucks ?

I hope many of you are have a major problem on how to earn swagbucks. Well, its pretty easier than you guys think. I'll show you how to earn swagbucks.

  1.  Search the web
This is one the best way to earn "Fast Swagbucks". You can win doubles per day, sometimes even three times. But the main thing is that every search will not result in a reward, it depends.
You can learn more about earning swagbucks here - Search the web.

      2. Watching Videos

Watching Videos 10 videos to earn 3 swagbucks, I know its really hard.There are other sponsors. They give you more swagbucks.

There are other videos watching activities such as the "laptop Guy" and Encrave activities and many more.

Once You reach 100% you'll be rewarded with 3 swagbucks.

  3. Paid And Daily Surveys

    Surveys are the bet way to get TONS of swagbucks. You can get 60 swagbucks for Daily Survey. There are few limitations to Daily Surveys I'll add up that in the last. Paid Surveys, Each paid survey can give you 100+ swagbucks. But the main problem with surveys is that you may not qualify all the time. I was disqualified many times, its because the survey sponsors are looking for a particular information/feedback or you may be giving irrelevant answers to them. There are many reasons why you may be disqualified.

  • Sign up for 2x Surveys, I Earn Most of my swagbucks from there.
  • Complete Your survey profile you'll get 32 swabucks for that.
  • Do your daily survey regularly.
  • Check out other surveys sponsor like TrialPay , PenutLabs and many more.

4. Shop N Earn

When you do shopping via Swagbucks you get rewarded for the amount you spend. For Example 1$ = 5SB, If you've spent 10$ = 10*6 = 60SB. That's how it works.

5. Daily Polls

 Another "Fast Swagbucks" you can earn 1 swagbucks for choosing the answer. You can also send them your Poll idea, they can hook you up with 500SB(5$)

6. Games

Swagbucks have variety for games, gave can give you 10SB per day for free. There are tournaments, bets for 1st , 2nd and 3rd Prize. Win more swagbucks.

7. Random Winner

Each Hour Someone Wins 1000SB (10$) , You can learn about hourly winner here - http://blog.swagbucks.com/2013/05/welcome-back-the-hourly-random-winner.html

8. Swagcodes and Toolbar

The Swag Codes™ program hides messages or specific strings of text throughout Swagbucks.com, which can then be found by its members to redeem for Swag Buck rewards

Toolbar helps you to use swagbucks more easily, you search the web and win swagbucks and it also show the active swagbucks code.

Limitations Of Swagbucks.

  • Miss-use of swagbucks leads to deactivation.
  • Doing multiple Daily surveys leads to deactivation.
  • Using Proxy Leads to deactivation.
  • Limited offer for counties except US and UK.  
  • Using Hacks and glitch leads to deactivation

So I Have Listed Almost All The Things You Need To Know. But There is more, all you got to do is sign up and start EARNING !!!

Regards ~ Thilak